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Amato's Gray Skies

Well I am relieved to see that the Yankees finally decided to get their act together and end the losing streak. They lost 6 games in a row, and added insult to injurt by allowing the Kansas City Royals of all teams to sweep them!

Oh well, it could have been worse - they could have let the Boston Red Sox do it and if given a choice I'd rather it was Kansas City!

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Amato's Gray Skies
10 May 2005 @ 11:17 pm
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Amato's Gray Skies
15 April 2005 @ 06:43 pm

Amato stepped inside of the office and closed the door behind him, "Agent Bristow?"

"Yes?" Jack responded.

"I’m Agent Amato Antonelli," he said, offering his hand to the other.

Jack shook it, and said, "Welcome to Boston."

"Thank you, sir," Amato said, "I was a bit surprised to be pulled out of Milan so aburptly." Amato studied the man before him and he decided that he did not look at all like he had imagined him.

"Your expertise was needed here, Agent Antonelli," Jack replied.

"Oh, I don’t doubt they were, Agent Bristow," he replied, "It was just surprising because of all the time I had spent establishing my cover with Selvaggio Sindacato, that the Agency would just up and pull me from the field like that."

Jack’s eyes narrowed at his mention of the Selvaggio Sindacato. The Selvaggio’s were quite a notorious crime syndicate in Italy who were involved in a number of nefarious activities which included weapons sales and money laundering for various terrorist groups.

"It’s really amazing that they were able to survive the fall of the Alliance," Amato said matter of factly, watching Jack for his reaction.

"The intel we have on the Selvaggio Sindacato suggested that their collapse was imminent," Jack replied, giving no further indication that the man’s words bothered him in any way. "That is why the Director recalled you from the field, Agent Antonelli, unless you have new information that would suggest otherwise?"

Amato shook his head, "No, I don’t. But you realize they will be trying to find me. I just disappeared all of a sudden."

"Certain...precautionary steps were taken to ensure that they won’t find you should they become suspicious."

"I hope so, Agent Bristow," Amato replied, "I’ve seen what they do to people they consider their enemies and I don’t want them coming after my family." Worst case scenario they would slaughter his family to get a message to him OR his parents would lose another son when the mobsters executed him for betraying them.

His meeting with Jack didn’t last much longer, and he left to rejoin his sister.

"Come on," she said, "I’ll take you to where most of us are now living."

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Amato's Gray Skies
08 April 2005 @ 11:59 pm

Milan, Italy

The phone was ringing annoyingly loud, and he hoped that if he ignored it, whoever it was calling at three in the morning would take the hint to call him again at a decent hour. When the phone started ringing distinctly for the 4th time in a row, Amato reached over to his night stand, and picking up the phone he said sleepily into the receiver, "What?!!"

"I’m sorry to wake you, Agent Antonelli," said a voice he instantly recognized as belonging the director of his station.

Amato sat up in bed, "Is something wrong, sir?" He reached for the cigarette pack on his night stand, and pulled one out, lighting it.

"No," the director replied, "I’m sorry to call you in the middle of the night but apparently you’ve been noticed by someone back in Langley. Reassigment: Effective immediately you’re to report to the Boston station of the United States Central Intelligence Agency."

Exhaling the cigarette smoke, Amato asked, "Do you know of why I’ve been transferred, sir?"

The director’s reply was negative. "I have a list of some of the agents you’ll be working with. Apparently your sister Azzurra has also been transferred to the station."

Wait, they’d transferred his sister, his "Poco cielo blu" to the same office?

"Don’t come to the office tomorrow," the director continued, "You’re expected on a flight to the States 9AM tomorrow morning."

"I can’t possibly have everything packed by then, sir," Amato replied.

"I’ll send someone over to pack what you can’t. Just take what you need, Antonelli."

"Yes, sir."

The director sighed, "I’m sorry to be losing you, Antonelli."

"And I’m sorry to be leaving, sir," Amato answered honestly.

"I should let you go and get a few more hours’ of sleep. Arrivederci e di ciao," said the director and he heard a dial tone.

Putting out his cigarette, Amato quickly dialed the States, his sister’s phone, "Antonelli." He smiled as he said, "Ciao poco cielo blue P me..."


Forgive any inaccuaracies of the Italian text as I have used an online translator for it...

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